About Debra Boronski

For the past 27 years, I have been deeply involved in the communities that make up the First Hampden-Hampshire District.  As the President of the Chicopee Chamber of Commerce for 10 years and later as the Senior Vice President of the Affiliated Chamber of Greater  Springfield Chamber I have been so fortunate to lead the  Ludlow, East Longmeadow and  Longmeadow Chambers of Commerce. I also started the Hampden Wilbraham Chamber.

However, my involvement as an advocate for working men and women and the small businesses that keep so many of us employed comes from a personal understanding of the hard work and struggles families often face trying to make ends meet.

I learned early in life what it meant to worry about having enough money to pay bills and buy food when my own dad became disabled and could no longer work.  At 15 I went to work to help lift the burden on our family by working at a Silk Screening Factory for piece rate wages.   This difficult life experience provided me with not only a strong work ethic but lifetime appreciations for the need to help others to not only survive, but to succeed.

I have always been an advocate for people and my early career was based in the human services field. I was an activist for the most severely disable individuals who lived at Belchertown State School, where I learned sign language to help resident communicate their most basic human needs.

Later while working for Sunshine village, I served as an advocate finding employment for people with disabilities.  While working full time as Sunshine Village, and with a 3 year old son, I went to College at night and on the weekends to earn my Master s Degree.

My second career as a Chamber of Commerce professional continued to offer me the chance to be a strong champion for small businesses. Local Chambers of Commerce play a vital role as a resource to help our communities be better places to live and work.

Eight years ago, I started the Massachusetts Chamber of Commerce. I wanted to move beyond the local advocacy to help make changes on a state-wide level.  As an advocate of Small businesses on Beacon Hill, I have been successful in changing laws that have given millions of dollars back to local citizens and small business.

My entire life has been about fighting for my community and specifically for the people of Hampden and Hampshire counties. I have always been driven to move forward, to improve, and to succeed. My interest in learning, growing and expanding my contribution has never wavered.

Serving as your State Senator is a natural progression to my life’s work. There is no greater honor than having the opportunity to represent you because first and foremost, I am one of you.


I have lived in East Longmeadow for 10 years. Prior to this I lived in Chicopee for 16 years and Ludlow for 8 years. I started my own business three years ago and employ three people, while also running the Massachusetts Chamber. I have served as a member of the Chicopee Municipal Retirement Board for more than 18 years. I was also an elected member of the East Longmeadow Housing Authority and Board of Selectman.